Control Ivanti DSM via PowerShell Scripts

The PowerShell Extensions for Ivanti DSM (PSX) offer multiple ways to control your DSM environment via PowerShell scripts and thus to automate your work. It allows you to initiate and execute functions of your DSM from outside the Management Console.

This gives you the ability to automate and customize recurring tasks through PowerShell scripts. Particularly in large and complex environments, you can thus significantly simplify and improve the administration of DSM or even partially delegated to the end user.


The PSX uses the SOAP interface of DSM. This gives you the ability to easily integrate your environment with corresponding products from other manufacturers (eg Microsoft, Citrix or VMware).

Additional a command-line interface for DSM is available with PSX, which often represents an absolutely necessary boundary condition especially in large environments.

Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is the current command-line and scripting environment from Microsoft. As the object-oriented successor to "" and "cmd.exe" it relies entirely on .NET.

In principle, you can use all the classes and methods in the .NET framework in each PowerShell script. This means that you have full access to all capabilities of Windows platform via the script: Thus you are not limited to the provided functionalities of PowerShell. The building blocks of PowerShell are small commands, which are called "cmdlets".