Optimal control of HEAT Software DSM

With PSX, you can automate and drastically simplify complex routine work of the client administration with HEAT Software DSM. Instead of manually perform an action from the console on each computer you create a PowerShell script that do this for you.

The creation of an appropriate script by an employee with in-depth knowledge of PowerShell is usually not very time consuming. Thus the low prices for the PSX licenses allow a very quick return on investment.

Examples of use:

  • Automated replication of DSM DSMDB with Active Directory
  • Control of roll-outs
  • Support for migration to HEAT Software DSM
  • Integration of 3rd-Party solutions
  • Building individual interfaces for special tasks
  • Implementation of a defined patch management strategy
  • Automation of administrative tasks
  • Delegation of administrative tasks
  • and much more ...


The options

You can answer the question of the possibilities offered by the PowerShell Extensions (or even the Administration Web service SOAP interface), something like this: Everything that you can do in the views "Computers & User", " software "and in" Virtual Environments " of the Management Console (DSMC), you can do using the Administration Web service and thus the PowerShell Extensions.

The answer is not completely correct, because the DSMC also performs actions directly without the Administration Web service. The distribution is a good example for that: Distribution targets of a package are written directly to the file system into the binary file "projects.jdf". For this reason it is not possible to define the distribution targets of a new package only within PowerShell Extensions.