Ivanti DSM and PowerShell

The PowerShell Extensions is a product provided as a so called "Windows PowerShell Snap-In" or "PowerShell Module". A PowerShell Snap-In or Module extends the functionality of Windows PowerShell with new functionality which includes commands (so called cmdlets), functions, properties, access to external data sources and more.

That enable you to access the data of your DSM environment using the interactive PowerShell console or a PowerShell script. You can query, change or add new data which enable a full automation.
This opens a whole new range of possibilities from relieving the DSM administrator from routine workloads and to give you the possibility, to automate administrative duties, to rationalise and to delegate.

SOAP and Webservice

It can be argued that this is also possible via the DSM "build-in" SOAP interface. This is absolutely correct and the PowerShell Extensions are nothing more than an encapsulation of the so-called "Administration Web service" of the SOAP interface. This provides you to use all possibilities offered by the Administration Web service within PowerShell.

The next logical question would be why the PowerShell Extensions are needed if they afford the same as "build-in" Web service which is included?
Well, the answer is quite simple: If you want to use the functionality of the Administration Web service you have to develop your own program. Usually .NET programming languages ​​such as C # or ASP.NET are needed for this, but hardly an administrator or system engineer is dominate with.

With the use of PowerShell Extensions it is no longer necessary to use a "real" programming language. The same functions can be performed in an interactive PowerShell console or within a scripting language just like PowerShell scripts. No knowledge about "sockets", SOAP functions", the "http protocol" and more is required. Just use your already well-known scripting technology to access and change your Ivanti DSM data.